Presenting Dunkelziffer’s Retrospection, a Special Edition, Triple EP collection of one of the great undiscovered bands of the Krautrock period.

Emotional Rescue is proud to reissue one of Germany’s best – if most underrated – bands, Dunkelziffer.


As the Krautrock explosion of the 1970s came to an end, a new collective was formed from the embers of this creative period of experimention and openness.


With an ideal that all members had equal rights to composition and decision making, Dunkelziffer was created out of the original sessions that created the classic Phantom Band but with floating members joining from both Can and Unknown Cases.


This true “supergroup”, over a 6 year period, made 4 ground breaking albums that covered the classic Krautrock triumphrat of heavy, repetitive drumming, intricate, overlapping melody and sonic intonation, but added in to the melting pot heavy dub, soul and jazz elements to expand the sound in to the new decade.


A secret for DJ and Collectors alike this timely reissue is as always fully licensed and remastered.


Split across 3 separate 12”s to fully cover the highlights and varied styles of their career, this is a must for any true fan of Krautrock wanting see beyond the established “classics”.