Pink And Black

The story of Pink And Black is a familiar one of young musicians in London trying to make their way in the music industry.   As drummer in cult Goth band Sex Gang Children, Rob had done his time in the rock world and become disillusioned with the same story of egos and power politics that come with the territory.


At the same time he had become increasingly enamored with early drum machines and had been tinkering away for hours on the tour bus.  With the likes of New Order riding high in the charts, Pink And Black started out to relieve the boredom of the ‘regimented’ restrictions of playing the drums the exactly same way, every time.


Making the break, his drum kit was traded in for a keyboard and drum machine and a new musical path was sought.   A chance meeting with a young London College Of Fashion student by the name of Michelle Yee-Chong and the project has its vocalist.


During the studio session a Linn Drum was hired in especially to get the clean percussion snap, while keyboards used kept pretty simple, with both a Roland SH101 and Korg MS10 utilised.


Happy with the results the EP was released and plans for a long term deal were about to made with Illuminated when suddenly the label folded, leaving them pretty much high and dry and sadly the band project over before it had really started.