At long last Woo’s masterpiece, the previously cassette-only Into The Heart Of Love, is reissued on both vinyl and CD

Emotional Rescue is delighted to announce the vinyl pressing and CD release of the Woo album, Into The Heart Of Love.  Only released on cassette in 1990, the album is now seen as their masterpiece. Remastered by Clive Ives especially for this release from the original master tapes and presented again in a lovely screen-printed sleeve this is one for true music lovers.


While possibly their most traditional sounding folk album, Into The Heart Of Love still has that mesmeric Woo feel and aesthetic that is instantly recognisable and comforting.


The warmth in the music is expressed most here.   The flow and timber of the songs works just so and wraps you in an aural blanket you don’t want to leave.


As a 60-minute cassette not all the songs could be included on the vinyl addition, however, at 18 songs it still conveys the full feel and message of love and hope that the Ives brothers seek to offer in their music.   In both digital and CD all 22 songs are included, however, in all formats the full flow is there, from soft English folk ballads to warm, lilting acoustic interludes covered in reverb and the now characteristic gentle, krautesque, electronic percussion running through, it is a pleasure to finally see this release reach a wider audience.