ERC016 – Fatima…And The Mamluks – Yalla Yalla



With a career spanning late 60s psychedelic folk-rock in Eclection, through to chart success as a member of 70s pop group, Sailor, before embracing the synthesised sound of early 80s New Wave and Synth Pop via the excellent DATA, Georg Kajunas music has covered a lot of ground.


Therefore, it should be no surprise that as DATA became established he was pushing the electronic pop sound in a new direction, mixing with it an interest in middle-eastern music obtained from time spent travelling there during his youth.


Forming both Fatima and also, And The Mamluks as two separate but joined entities to push this musical vision, these projects saw a number of songs created, but ultimately never released, that utilised the growing interest in World music mixed with a dance floor sensibility.


At the same time, the success of DATA had spread across the Atlantic to the US club scene where literally hundreds of clubs were embracing the new European electronic sounds. Out of this scene came a number of re-edit and remix specialists, of which San Francisco’s Razormaid were predominant. Taking 80s pop to industrial dance songs and extending them officially or often unofficially, their reworks have since become highly sought after.


While sadly both Fatima and And The Mamluks never acheived official releases, the remixes done by Joseph Wyatt and his partner, Art Maharg, while on a trip to Europe, did appear on their own Razormaid label in the mid-80s. Here then for the first time are those remixes, plus the never heard before unreleased originals -remastered and released especially in a DJ style double pack for some proper late night megamixing.