ERC017 – Angel Corpus Christi – I Love Baby



The label is delighted to celebrate all that should be good about vinyl, with the 2014 Record Store Day.  After the success of last year Dunkelziffer release it seemed right to come back for more, but in a more restrained and simpler offering.


What better way then than via a single, the 7”, this time with cover songs of one of the bands that directly led to the birth of this label through their music creating a desire to seek out more music by similar and not so similar artists.


In Angel Corpus Christi we have the perfect proponent to make this 7” timeless.  A nonchalant vocal style hides a talent of delivery as well as skilled musicianship in making it all sound so right.   The fact “I Love Baby” also features Alan Vega on backing vocals confirms this as the right reissue to mark as a special release.


Taken from the concept collection that is her “I LOVE NY” album are the two stand-out gems, the covers of Suicide’s Cheree and Dream Baby Dream.


For some these songs represent the high mark of Alan Vega and Martin Rev’s special and ground breaking partnership and in original form are a must for any music lover.


In the hands of Angel (and Alan) they offer an unique take, on a unique City, at a unique time.