ERC018 – Woo – Magic In The Dark



With the original Into The Heart Of Love album only appearing as a 60 minute cassette-only release, several of the albums songs could not make the first time vinyl issue from Emotional Rescue.


Therefore, this limited edition 7” includes two of those omitted songs. The wistful English folk duet between Mark Ives and Sue Amor on Make Me Tea and its sibling on the album, A Little Long Way.


Possibly Woo’s most straight forward folk song, Make Me Tea is as the title imagines a very particular English poem. Recording as a duet between two late night lovers, awaking from post-love making slumber to find peace and with it, a nice, perfect cup of tea.


However, it is the inclusion of the unreleased version of the title song, Magic In The Dark that is worth the admission price alone. Taken from the CD only album, La Luna, the original’s short and gentle story of late night love is presented here in its alternate demo form.


A different vantage point is shown in revelation and then exhaltation. The sadder start expands in to a beautiful and wonder folk celebration. Mark’s vocals and guitar are later joined by gentle rhythmic percussion from brother Clive, before Clarinets duet to a yearning finale.