The label’s first ever collection of music, Javier Bergia’s Eclipse, highlights the spanish folk and balearic music beyond his membership of Finas Africae

Emotional Rescue is proud to present the first ever collection of works from Spanish song writer Javier Bergia.  As a member of Finas Africae his name is finally coming to prominence.   Now with this selection of his music from 1985 to today, the depths of his acoustic, folk and balearic writing can be heard.


Several years in the making, this first collection for the label is part one of a trilogy of releases from the bands members.    Covering almost 30 years of music, it shows the versatility and depth of Javier’s writing and production is just as strong when working as a solo artist.


Including the best songs from his class Tagomago album, as well as several unreleased pieces, this is the perfect addition to the discovery of the esoteric music coming from Spain during the mid-80s that were as part of the country’s folk tradition as a part of the Cafe del Mar soundtrack.


Coming as either a 12 track LP or featuring 6 additional songs on the CD and digital releases, the atmosphere and cohesive vibrations and music interplay are as strong on the soft rock classic of Midnight Round Mekines to the Jodorowsky style ramblings of A Una Muchacha.   A wonderful addition to the very English sounds of Woo, but also a nice counterpoint to the recent new wave releases on the label, Javier’s timeless music will gather further recognition with Eclipse and the follow up alongside friend and fellow member of Finas Africae, Luis Delgado, in 2015.